Job Search Essentials Program

Job Search Essentials Program

Outplacement services for:

Non-exempt and/or hourly employees. Workers with few digital skills who need guidance and support, training for new jobs, fast connections to available jobs, and access to consultants on call.


    • Our popular web-based program
    • Expert advice for CV(or resume) and LinkedIn profile development
    • Consultants on call
    • Daily job leads
    • Networking connections
    • LinkedIn Learning courses
    • Assessment test

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Who's it for?

Non-exempt and/or hourly employees. Workers who need guidance and support, training for new jobs, fast connections to available jobs, and access to consultants on call.

We are here every step of the way. 

Our 360° approach tackles every aspect needed to turn a prospect into a hire. With LHH’s Career Resource Network (CRN) platform, your impacted employees won't feel alone in their job hunt. CRN has the tools and data they need to plan their search and stay on track.

Candidates can be at a disadvantage when it comes to finding and landing jobs. Our proven strategies, one-on-one coaching sessions with professional coaches, resume reviews and personal branding workshops by certified professionals will help your employees find a job – fast.


A brand that gets results 

A brand that gets results - The Branding Specialist at LHH understands how hard it is for impacted employees to find work fast. Our one-day branding session focuses on creating a tailored resume, LinkedIn Profile, Digital Talent Exchange listing and Social Media roadmap.


Realize goals and find the right fit faster

Our career coaches have decades of experience to guide your impacted employees through the next chapter in their career journey or plan for retirement.

They work with them and their priorities, skills and interests to develop a personalized plan. From traditional career transitions like finding a new job or those seeking gig-based jobs, our coaches look at their needs and formulate a plan of action.


CRN and Ella - The ultimate resource for job seekers

The CRN Portal provides your impacted employees with the tools and resources needed to complete assessments, research companies in our extensive database, attend seminars and networking events. They can also learn/upskill via General Assembly & LinkedIn Learning and prepare for interviews- all from their favorite device!

Ella is there to help then find their next job.

The CRN is where impacted employees will meet Ella, the industry’s first AI-powered Digital Career Agent. This chatbot provides personalized job leads from the Digital Talent Exchange based on their search criteria and recommends content to help them learn more about how to find a new career in no time at all!


The next opportunity - better, faster.

Whether your people want a new job, a whole new career, we’ll help them understand and achieve their goals. With access to our interview center tools and strategies, career assistance services, and premium research databases l be confident in every step of their job search and interview process.

Alumni Support

Alumni Support - We're here to help you move forward.

LHH offers Active Placement until landing and support beyond including continuous professional development opportunities. 

Choose your Support Time

Programs can be designed to provide very fast short-term support or to support employees longer if required.

Entry-level and hourly impacted employees that are looking for fast connections to jobs that are available right away.

 A total of 6 months of access for entry level and hourly impacted employees that are looking for fast connections to jobs. Our most commonly selected duration.


The best thing about my LHH journey was to learn how to network


LHH didn’t just help me find a job, it helped me find the job that I want to do


The level of support from LHH is incredible


To have a lifeline to help me through this process was invaluable


LHH helped me decide which direction to take next


I'm delighted, it's my dream job


My coach was fantastic and provided me with excellent guidance


LHH helped me select the path that is right for me