Signature 1:1 Coaching

Signature 1:1 Coaching

Signature 1:1 Coaching services for:

For leaders who are senior executives below the C-suite level, our Signature 1-1 coaching offers a personalized, 1:1 coaching that enables tailored goals, assessments, and resources that support significant growth and development across targeted development areas.


    • 1:1 Coaching with LHH Certified Executive Coaches
    • Handpicked coaches based on chemistry and intake
    • Flexible options for coaching; virutal, face to face, hybrid
    • Suite of assessments available
    • Expert content focussed on individual goals and development
    • Unlimited sessions

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Who's it for?

This highly personalized 1:1 coaching program helps your senior and mid-level leaders acquire critical competencies, successfully transition into new roles or with faster impact, increase emotional intelligence and learn to excel in a new culture and inspire teams.

The Coachee Experience 

Resources for your success

Directional sign representing possible career paths

Leading, managing, and finding strategies 

Executive coaching shifts behaviors related to leading, managing, and finding strategies for coping with challenging situations.

Networking for job leads

High level of openness to feedback 

When coaching is supported, the coachee displays a high level of openness to feedback, creating trust between the coach and coachee.

Screen representing online talent development

Attitudes, coping, self-regulation, and well-being

Coaching positively impacts leaders in the areas of attitudes, coping, self-regulation, and well-being.

Report from coaching meeting

Coaching moderates the relationship

Coaching moderates the relationship of emotional and social development with work engagement and career satisfaction. 

Choose your Support Time

3 months

Targeted coaching for a mid-level leader navigating a key career moment.

6 months

Targeted coaching for a senior leader or preparatory coaching for an emerging mid-level manager.

9 months

Expansive coaching for senior or emerging mid-level leaders.

Why Should a Company Hire a Coach for a Key Leader?

An executive coach can prove beneficial for leaders and their employers at key career moments. By designing development interventions around the key transitions every leader faces we set individuals up to reach their full potential through every stage of their career. 


At LHH, we believe these fall into four pivotal moments:

Professional Growth 

Adding fuel to a high-powered career.

For those exciting times in your leader's career when you feel they are on the cusp of greatness, career coaching can help them achieve superstar status.


Role expansion

The transition to a true people leader.  

Development to help your leaders navigate the twists, turns, setbacks and missteps of an expanding role. Explore and sidestep the barriers stopping progress. Let your leaders step up and lead, with confidence.


Step in and lead.

A new job or promotion can be seen as a final destination. This is often not the case. Mastering transitions and executing effective onboarding, therefore, becomes critical for the employee and the company.

Role transition

There are no straight lines in the path towards great leadership.

Leaders need to learn how to confront and manage those moments when they are stuck in neutral as a leader. 


I feel like there is a weight lifted – I have been provided the tools necessary to manage up/across/down the organization. 


…working with [my Coach] has been a life changing experience for me


I can’t express to you how much I have grown since beginning my journey


My team is happier and driving incredible results, I’m building my network internally/externally, and I truly feel like I am the leader/person I’ve always wanted to be