Change and Resilience

Change and Resilience

Constant change has become the standard across every industry. While technology can help propel change initiatives forward, real success lies in how quickly people themselves can adapt on an individual level. Without buy-in from contributors and guidance from leaders during transitions, even the most powerful tech tools risk going to waste.

Organizational agility lives and dies by humans' ability to realign. When properly equipped with the right mindsets, skillsets and toolsets, workers and managers alike help evolve workplace norms while maintaining their workload. People breathe life into innovation - but only once empowered with the means to personally progress as their environment does.

This package includes LHH delivery of two sessions – you choose whether both sessions are the same or each is different. Pick from the topics outlined below.

Boost Your Resilience
Learn about the importance of resilience and explore your own resilience tendencies.

    • Define resilience and explain why resilience is critical in supporting organizational change.
    • Examine factors that inhibit and enable personal resilience.
    • Assess your personal resilience profile and recognize the presence of four indicators of resilience for you personally.
    • Identify, assess, and discuss current resilience challenges and ways to build resilience.

Embrace Unexpected Change
Continuous change is the new normal. As important as technology is to help accelerate change, the key to successful change is the adoption and spreading of change by the people in the organization. Ultimately, it's people who make change a reality.

    • Internalize your role during change.
    • Identify the steps of the LHH Change Curve and apply appropriate actions to accelerate change acceptance.
    • Discuss the impact of continuous change and apply strategies to support you and your team members.
    • Recognize resistance and learn strategies to manage it.

Lead with Resilience
This program is specifically for leaders. Focus on building resilience and ensuring that team members can quickly bounce back and move forward through change

    • Define “resilience” and explain why resilience is critical during the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Examine factors that inhibit and enable personal resilience
    • Integrate research-based and peer-generated resilience strategies deliberately
    • Assess the resilience strengths and development opportunities of each team member
    • Create action plans to build or leverage resilience of team members

Each package includes

    • Package Fee: $9900 for 12 - 20 participants
    • Initial intake of change and resilience needs, including context of participants to support
    • Live, virtual sessions with an experienced facilitator, running approximately 2 hours per session
    • Participant Guide including pre & post workshop activities
    • Project Management
    • Post-program survey evaluations

Note: If our current offerings don't fully address your needs, please reach out so we can discuss a more customized solution.

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The Change and Resilience program provides customizable learning modules on leading and navigating major organizational transformations. This program is designed for both managers guiding change initiatives and employees needing to demonstrate resilience.

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Tailored Journeys

Learning journeys are tailored based on an initial intake of your organization's specific change and resilience needs. Choose from module options that support organizations going through major transformation, change, restructuring or employee reductions.

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The interactive sessions feature customized lessons and exercises relevant to your situation. Activities are tailored to build the capabilities needed for your change context.

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Focused Group Learning

The program can accommodate 12-20 participants per session for an impactful, focused learning experience. This group structure enables collaborative activities tailored to your organization's needs. In facilitated discussions and exercises, participants process change scenarios relevant to their roles.


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