Deep Dive: Individual Assessment & Development

Deep Dive: Individual Assessment & Development

LHH's Deep Dive: Individual Assessment & Development provides people with data-driven insights to fuel development. Help clarify what success looks like, calibrate the strengths and gaps within the existing workforce, and cultivate focused development plans. Backed by science, LHH's assessments transform uncertainty into clear, actionable data to propel individual and organizational progress.

Included in each assessment

    • Assessment Fee: $2300 for each first time or mid-level leader
    • Participant assessment (PROFILOR® 360 diagnostic or Hogan Insight Series personality profile)
    • Individual Development Assessment Report
    • 1:1 debrief with professional coach (1 hour)
    • Action planning session with professional coach (1 hour)

Choose the right assessment for your team

Provides reputation feedback in the workplace.

    • PROFILOR® 360 provides reputational feedback in the workplace – how others perceive you, how you show up to others, and important clues to where the differences are.
    • This assessment requires time and input from others and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
    • PROFILOR® 360 is available for First-Time Leaders (Individuals in first-line management positions who have people reporting to them (typically hourly-level employees))
    • PROFILOR® 360 is also available for Mid-Level Leaders (Managers and directors within a business or corporate function, product line, or region; leaders with two or more layers under them)

Hogan Insight Series
Allows insight and self-awareness around an individual's preferred work style.

    • Provides insights and self-awareness around natural tendencies, preferences, motivations as well as potential derailers and how one may respond under stress.
    • It does not require time or input from others and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Note: If our current offerings don't fully address your needs, please reach out so we can discuss a more customized solution.

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Choose an Assessment:

We are here every step of the way. 

Our Individual Assessment & Development module provides an intensive evaluation and planning experience tailored to each manager or employee's needs.

Comprehensive Assessments

Leaders receive 360 feedback, personality profiles, and comprehensive development reports.

Personalized Debriefs

In 1:1 coaching sessions, we help leaders process insights from assessments and identify growth opportunities.

Data-Driven Development Plans

Leaders create targeted development plans leveraging assessment data and insights.


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