First Time Leaders Core Skills Program

First Time Leaders Core Skills Program

The transition from individual contributor to people leader brings seismic shifts, yet many first-time managers are left to figure it out alone. Without development, the majority underperform in their critical first years. This leadership gap directly impacts employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

First Time Leaders program equips rising leaders to meet their potential. Through our program, new managers gain the capabilities to inspire teams, manage change, and achieve strategic goals. By investing in next-gen leaders, organizations strengthen their leadership pipeline while fueling talent growth and business resilience.

This program includes LHH delivery of two sessions – you choose from the topics outlined below.

Step into Leadership
Are you ready to step into your first leadership role? You were probably promoted because you were an expert individual contributor. But now that you’re a manager, you’re a beginner all over again – and there’s so much to learn! Step into Leadership gives you everything you need to make a fast, confident transition from individual contributor to manager, from gaining key clarity on the proper mindset to creating a concrete plan for the next 90 days.

    • Understand the rewards and challenges of a leadership role.
    • Clarify common misconceptions about authority, power, and being the boss.
    • Analyze the two speeds managers need to use and choose between.
    • Explore a method to manage your transition quickly and effectively.
    • Make a plan to learn like a leader the next 30, 60, and 90 days

Empower Your People
Effective Delegation: Examine how delegation is one of the best skills to grow and develop the talent on your team.

    • Recognize the power of delegation
    • Review common delegation pitfalls
    • Identify delegation opportunities on virtual and intact teams
    • Examine four delegation approaches and when to use each style to maximize outcomes
    • Practice setting shared accountability and expectations to achieve objectives
    • Explore how delegation intersects with inclusive leadership
    • Explore the connection between providing feedback and effective delegation

Maximize Your Time
Explore how to thrive with the increased pressure and demands of being an accountable manager to ensure you are contributing at the right level.

    • Assess individual levels of productivity; explore how stress affects productivity
    • Examine methods to prioritize tasks by importance and urgency
    • Review workflow to make more effective use of time, Explore how to leverage technology to manage time effectively
    • Explore communication best practices to save time and improve interaction outcomes
    • Plan and lead accountable, effective meetings

Present with Confidence
Learn a definition of leadership presence and factors that shape leadership perception. Discover what leads to perceptions of confidence and leadership presence. Explore the factors to increase your confidence and presence through transformational moments.

    • Explore what leadership presence means and where you are on the factors that shape this perception.
    • Examine how confidence works and how you can increase yours.
    • Practice presence factors to enhance your presence through transformational moments.

Each package includes

    • Program Fee: $9900 for 12 – 20 participants
    • The program includes an initial conversation to understand the context and what is important to the participants
    • Live, virtual sessions with an experienced facilitator, running approximately 2 hours per session
    • Post-program survey evaluations
    • Participant Guide including pre & post workshop activities
    • Project Management

Optional for Additional Fee

    • Learning journey orientation session
    • Leader style assessment and group debrief
    • Group reflection and actioning session

Note: If our current offerings don't fully address your needs, please reach out so we can discuss a more customized solution.

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Our cohort-based leadership development programs provide an immersive, group learning experience tailored to the needs of your leaders. Cohorts of 12-20 participants go through targeted learning journeys together, guided by experienced facilitators.

Tailored Journeys

Learning journeys are customized based on an initial intake of your organization's development needs and goals. Cohorts can focus on capabilities for Aspiring Leaders, First Time People Managers, Diversity, Wellbeing, or other priority areas.

Interactive Learning

Sessions feature interactive lessons, assessments, discussions, and exercises tailored to the cohort. Participants process learnings and scenarios relevant to their roles.

Connected Cohorts

The intimate cohort structure enables relationship-building, accountability, peer learning, and networking. Participants gain connections and community to support their leadership growth.


The best thing about my LHH journey was to learn how to network


LHH didn’t just help me find a job, it helped me find the job that I want to do


The level of support from LHH is incredible


To have a lifeline to help me through this process was invaluable